Direct On Page Interactions With LIVE Video Recording, Screen Recording, & Voicemail On Your Digital Business Card, or ANY Webpage, with instant reply


There Is Nothing Else On The Market Like This... It's The Worlds First 3-In-1 Interaction Messaging Solution That Puts Interactions With Customers And Prospects On Steroids...

1 Click Video Messaging

Allows anyone to send you a video message right on your website, PWA, or digital business card. Plus, reply back with voice, video or a screen record message.

Screen Record & Share

Support techs are flipping over this feature. Adds one-click screen record messaging to your website. Effortless for anyone to create an explainer video.

Voicemail Messaging

Instant voice messaging eliminates the need to dial, then wait to leave a voice message. Instead, anyone can click a button, record message and hit send!

Interactively Reply

3 Ways To Interactively Respond. Send immediate responses to your customers via video messaging, voicemail or screen recording.

Easy To Get Started

Digital Business Cards

Nothing to do... functionality will be enabled on your digital business card and you'll receive an email with details on how to access your dashboard to view all your messages.

Web Pages

Add Interaction messaging to any website. We'll send you an email with info on how to access your message managment dashbord. In it you can grab one simple line of code to add to ANY website.

It Forces Every Visitor To Interact With You With Simplicity That They Will Appreciate

Use it to get more leads, and sales or to interact with fans, it's also perfect for tech support and you can even use it to easily get testimonals videos from your clients which you can then add to your website and more...

  • Get ‘Real Time’ Notifications Every Time You Get A Video, Voice Or Screen Message
  • Get More Leads & Sales.
  • Respond Via Any Method Of Your Choice
  • No More Ugly ‘Contact Us’ Forms or Boring Email/Support Tickets

Interactive Video - Voice & Screen Record Messaging With Virtual Instant Replies

Get in on instant video and voice messaging before your competitors

By enabling your own interactive sales messaging machine


Not Just Video Messaging. Give Your Customers A CHOICE.

The Truth Is, Everyone Likes Communicating Differently.

Video Messaging

Video Messaging

Some customers like being ‘in person’ we've got you covered with Video Messaging

Screen Recording

Screen Recording

Some customers like showing you. TrenzyChat InterAction has you covered with Screen Recording (WITH AUDIO!)



Some customers like talking. We got you covered with Voicemail

Even More Features

Cloud Based Message Management Dashboard

Audio, video and screen record video messages are saved in a cloude based inbox.

Send Your Own Screen Record Messages

Create your own screen record explainer videos within your dashboard to send via email

3 Ways To Interactively Respond

Send immediate responses to your customers via video messaging, voicemail or screen recording.

Connect Autoresponders

Connect your autoresponder & build responsive buyers list at a go

Option To Enable Email Notifications

Anytime someone send a voice, video or screen capture video you will receive an email alert

Features & Benefits Summary

Encourages Direct Interaction in a way visitors will love. Interact with your visitors by sending and receiving Live Video Messages, Voice Recordings & Screen Recordings Directly ‘In Site’ or on your 'Virtual Business Card & Get Instant Responses.

  • ​No More Ugly ‘Contact Us’ Forms or Sending Boring Email/Support Tickets.
  • Worlds First
    The First & Only Platform Of It’s Kind That Allows You To Directly Interact, Lead Capture & Engage With  Your Visitors & Explode Your Profits Via On Page Screen Recording, Voice Mail & Video Messages.
  • Stupidly Easy
    We'll enable the feature on your Digital Business Card. Or, add a single line of code to enable this functionality in your website as well.
  • Integrate With ANY Websites or Builder
    Like ClickFunnel, Shopify, Wordpress, BigCommerce, HTML Websites, etc).
  • Capture Multiple Interactive Voice Mails, Video Messages & Screen Recordings
    Simply by clicking a link, button or widge on Your Website
  • Inbox, Sent, Bookmark, & Library Management
  • Get New Recording/New Message Email Notifications
  • 3 Types Of InterActive Messaging All Under One Roof
    Your Customers & Potential Customers Will LOVE: VIDEO   MESSAGING, SCREEN RECORD & VOICEMAIL.
  • Get ‘Real Time’ Notifications Every Time You Get A Video, Voice Or Screen Message
    And keep track of all of your received and sent messages in one place.
  • Respond Via The Method Of YOUR Choice
    It’s a two-way street. No matter how your prospects reach out to you - You can choose YOUR FAVOURITE method from video message, voicemail and screen capture to reply.
  • Get More Leads, Sales & Get More From Your Customers
    Easily Gather Contact Details, Testimonials, Feedback & So Much More.
  • No More Ugly Contact Forms, Boring Emails, Or Time-Consuming Support Tickets
    Your Customers & Potential Customers Will LOVE Getting Their Every Message Across Faster, Easier and More Accurately...With Less Hassle & More Fun!
  • Connect Your Favorate Email Autoresponder
    Works with Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse to cpture leads right into your email marketing list.


  • Not only can your visitors use it, you can use it yourself to send voicemail, video messages or screen recorded explainer videos, with screen record you can record anything that is on your screen with audio from your mic to get your message across. Start the recording right in your dashboard or just click on the link in your own website where you placed widget, button or link, then from the dashbord grab the videos link and email it to who ever you want to see your recorded video.

Who Is It For?

TrenzyChat Interaction Is Perfect For:

  • Anyone with a website or digital business card.
  • Local Business Owners:
    No matter the niche, local business owners can use InterAction on their sites to increase interaction, engagement, sales and profits.
  • Agencies:
    Install InterAction for other marketers and business owners and charge them for the privilege. Pocket 100% of the profit.
  • Ecom Vendors: Can use InterAction on their online stores to increase sales. Use InterAction to interact directly with buyers in a more direct, personal and fun way. Persuade ‘on the fence’ buyers, reduce refund rates by dealing with support ‘in video’ and obliterate buyer’s any resistance to handing over their money.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Can use InterAction on bonus pages to encourage the people on their list to buy from them. Enable prospects to engage in real time, ask questions and buy quickly.
  • Opportunity Seekers: InterAction gives you the valuable opportunity to not only use InterActions groundbreaking interactive tools to increase your own sales, but also make money by installing this desirable tool on other’s sites, blogs and stores and charge them $$$ for the privilege (and of course keep every cent of what you make!)
  • Bloggers: Use InterAction on your blog to engage directly with readers, get them to sign up for newsletters, alerts or social media and even get direct, instantaneous feedback from readers!
  • Product Creators: Get INSTANT testimonials and feedback from Beta Testers right there on the page. No chasing, no uploading, no stress.


Big Benefits In Communications

TrenzyChat InterAction helps you to interact in a more MEANINGFUL and PERSONAL way with the people that really matter. The ones that pay you.


Not A Gimmick - A Real Life Changing, Business Boosting Solution To A VERY Tricky Problem. This Type Of Communication and Message Is Ready To Go Mainstream.

Prospects and customers can communicate directly to the website owner, by video message, voice message or screen recording to INSTANTLY:

  • Ask Questions
  • Get Support
  • Leave Testimonials
  • Share Feedback
  • Share Issues
  • Explain Easier
  • Communicate Quicker
  • No Need To Fill In Any Forms
  • No Need To Leave ANY Contact Details (Unless They Want To) - Which Encourages A TON More Engagement
  • No Need To Nervously Pick Up The Phone
  • No Stress Having To Write Long Lengthy Messages 
  • No Stress Having To Write Long Lengthy Messages In A Language That Might Not Be Their First 

View Premium Features And Choose A Plan

Save By Choosing An Annual Membership

Premium Plans Feature List

Unlimited Use - Unlimited Video & Voice Messages - Unlimited Screen Recordings

$ 9.97

Receive Unlimited Screen Recordings, Voice & Video Messages from leads, clients and support queries and quickly reply back

Cloud Based Dashboard To View And Send Reply Messages

Inbox, Sent, Bookmark & Library Management

Integrate With ANY Website, Page Builder, or PWA (App)

Create Your Own Custom Interactive Widgets In MINUTES

Capture Unlimited Interaction Video Messages, Voicemail Messages & Screen Recordings

Create 100 Widgets

Embed Widget On 100 Websites

Inline & Dialogue Widgets

Widget Customization

3-Ways Interactive Response

Capture Messages & Recordings (Up To 60 Minutes Per Message)

Can Enable Email Notification When Messages Are Received

Can enable Attach a copy of the recording/message to an email notification

Connect autoresponers Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse

SSL Encryption

Premium Plan 1


All the features of the Premium Plan billed every month


Premium Plan 2


All the features of the Premium Plan billed every half year


Premium Plan 3



All the features of the Premium Plan billed annually